10 Exercise Intro Course


The "Meditation with Muse" course offers 10-guided exercise sessions that help you to discover how Muse’s real-time audio feedback assists you in learning to meditate. The sessions cover different meditation techniques and exercises that help you build a consistent practice with Muse in order to help you find the practice that works best for you.


1:  Intro to Muse
An introduction to how Muse works, explaining the purpose of calibration and demonstrating how the real-time weather feedback works. 

2: Training a Puppy
Uses the metaphor of training a puppy to reinforce that there’s no need to be self-critical - meditation practice is a long-term pursuit.

3: Sensation of Breath
This session guides you to pay close attention to the sensation of breath during your practice.

4: Counting Breaths
Introduces counting breaths as an alternative exercise you can use to stay focused.

5: Sitting Comfortably
Helps you understand how to approach posture when meditating and guides you toward a comfortable upright position. 

6: Finding Your Soundscape
Explains why Muse has different soundscapes and engages you to befriend and be aware of the sound feedback.

7: Dealing with Distractions
Encourages you to be curious and explore your distractions instead of wrestle with them.

8: Working with Discomfort
Introduces the idea of using discomfort as an opportunity to train yourself to respond instead of react. Also explains why a daily routine is important.

9: Lowering the Bar
Reminds you that just sitting is enough. Encourages you to completely let go of results and enjoy the session because sometimes that's exactly what you need.

10: Bridging to Daily Life
Concludes the course by emphasizing non-judgment and long-term expectations with a big picture view of meditation with Muse.